Director MG Srinivas had planned the release of his film Srinivasa Kalyana on February 17. But the release was delayed as the film could not get censor certificate. The film was censored on Saturday and makers told that film will be releasing on February 24. Director Srinivas has answered the doubts raised by some of Kichcha Sudeep fans about the release date. “The question that I am being asked the most these days is… ‘Why are you releasing your film alongside Hebbuli?’ There are also those who want to know if I think our film can compete with Sudeep sir’s film. Am I trying to gain sympathy by releasing it with a star’s film? Is also something that they want to know?” He said in an interview. “No! It’s just that our film was up for release last week and we had to postpone it cos of the delay in censor. Pushing it any further would have meant burning a deeper hole in the pockets of our producers. Also since the publicity campaigns were already in full swing, another week’s delay would have made it difficult to sustain the audience interest in the film. As for the sympathy, that is a factor that will come into play only if we have a simultaneous release with a big non Kannada film, not otherwise.” He said to Film Beat. “Like all of you, I too am eagerly waiting for Hebbuli. Kindly understand the constraints we have and support both the Kannada films that are releasing this week. Srinivasa Kalyana comes to theaters near you on February 24.” He added.