Raajakumara, has won the hearts of the Kannadigas. Having completed 100 days, Raajakumara is finally out of Gandhinagar, thus ending its success rally there. Gandhinagar is the home of film industry in Bengaluru. It is the area with maximum number of single screen theatres and also home to offices of many producers of Kannada film industry. In KFI, if a Kannada movie does not get an opening in Gandhinagar, it is not considered to be released at all!

That being said, Raajakumara film successfully ran for more than 100 days in Gandhinagar, without a hitch. Now, after having run for nearly 113 days at Narthaki Theatre in Gandhinagar, the film has now been discontinued to make way for Dandupalya 2. Since Dandupalya 2 released on July 14, yesterday, Raajakumara saw its last show being displayed on July 13 in Narthaki Theatre. With that, Raajakumara has finally completed its success journey in Gandhinagar.

Directed by Santhosh Anandram and produced under the banner, Hombale Films, the film starred Puneeth Rajkumar in lead role. It was released on March 24 all over Karnataka and completed its 100 day run on June 30.

In accordance with the same, the film team had organised a grand success celebration function at Palace Grounds on July 7. The ostentatious event saw many stars and celebrities of Sandalwood make their presence. In the success ceremony, the producer of the film equally shared the profits with all the technicians and the entire team of Raajakumara. The gesture was lauded by the film fraternity.