Pranitha Subhash is in news these days as her upcoming film ‘Mass leader’ is set to release soon. Pranitha will share screen space with Shivaraj kumar in the film and she is really excited about the movie’s release. The actress plays the role of the wife of an army officer in the film and the film taught her a lot of things about spouses of army officials. Before signing the film, Pranitha was not aware of the life spouses have to live. “I always thought that owing to their social standing, army spouses had to maintain a dignified appearance, at all times and that their only source of entertainment was the officers’ parties. But after I signed up for the film, it got me thinking,” she said.

Pranitha feels that unless a person is born in an army family, it is difficult to adapt with someone from that background. It is always a risk to be married to someone who puts his life at risk for protecting the country. After doing the film, Pranitha started respecting army spouses even more. Talking about sharing screen space with Shivaraj kumar in the film, Pranitha said that it is a dream for actresses to work with him and despite the fact that most of his films are commercial entertainers but there is always scope for other characters. She feels great that she got the opportunity to work with such an established actor in mass Leader and also to work with such an experienced team.