Kannada film actor Sri Murali is one of the most sought after actors in the film industry due to his appeal among the general audience. It is also known that the actor doesn’t easily agree to do cameo appearances in films. So when the news came out that the actor will be seen in a guest appearance for the film ‘Raj Vishnu’, the film was bound to be in news.

Sri Murali talked about his role in the film and revealed why he chose to do it in a media interaction recently. “This is a guest role, which spans about a couple of minutes. I appear towards the end of the film. I said yes because of producer Ramu, with who I have previously worked in Preethigaagi, a film that ran for 50 days,” he said.

The actor went on to say that the title of the film really fascinated him as it is some kind of a reference to his uncle, Rajkumar, and Vishnu (Vardhan) uncle. Sri Murali also said that Sharan and Chikkanna are his buddies and he simply couldn’t say no to them. He further said that his role has a very good sign in the film as he comes towards the end to take the story further at a crucial point in the film. The actor has to save a situation to make things better in the film and he duly does this through his actions and words. Now it remains to be seen if Sri Murali’s guest appearance will attract audiences to the theatres or not.