Directed by Jayatheertha the movie has a crisp and fast moving story the entire way. The director has managed to keep the audiences engaged both in first and second half and has given a thrilling twist in the latter half. It is a women centric film which is said to be based on a real life incident it shows a love story between Prashanth, son of a wine store owner and Nandini, a middle-class girl working in a beauty salon. Their love story undergoes lots of tests and one incident ruins their life. The film shows about effects of corruption affects the life of two young and carefree lovers. The director has shown how great power given to the media is abused by some. Sathish Ninasam as Prashanth, moves from being carefree and lovable to intense and hateful in the different scenes of the movie, in doing so he has given a wonderful performance in a film which is basically centered on Sruthi Hariharan. Sruthi Hariharan has also played her part beautifully as a girl who is driven to the wall because of the circumstances. Tabla Naani is seen in an interesting role of a street artiste while Sandeep, Prashanth Siddi, Swathi Konde, Akshata, Meghashree, and Amrutha have all done full justice to their roles. Achyuth Kumar, the villain of the film, gives a powerful performance and has once again proven that he is a very good actor. Bharath BJ’s background music is wonderful and lingers in your mind even after the movie is over. The movie is a must watch as it shows that women are not to be portrayed as commodities.