Adhvithi Shetty debuted with the film ‘Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari’ and after doing the film she became sure that acting is her calling. After doing another film as well as a web series, the actress was offered a daily soap. After initially hesitating about being part of the television, the actress finally said yes to the project as her character attracted her towards it. “I wasn’t ready for TV. My sole focus was on films. Mohena Singh, the director, contacted me on social media, and after that, producer Pradeep Belawadi spoke to me. When he told me about my role, I instantly liked it,” she said. The actress further said that such an opportunity can open more doors for her.

Adhvithi plays the role of a doctor named ‘Dr. Sahana’ in the serial. The story of the show revolves around two sisters who work hard to fulfill their father’s dreams. The show tries to showcase women empowerment through its storyline and that is what attracted Adhvithi towards it. The show has been on air for more than a week already and people are already praising the actress for her work. Adhvithi has received a positive response and people have already started calling her by the name of her character in the show. Adhvithi is considering a few movie offers that came her way recently and will carefully select her choice. She revealed that the team of her show is happy to adjust their schedule if the actress gets a good movie while doing the show.